Native Petaluman Greg Asbell traded Northern California for Big Island life in 1980. Today, with his wife Kelley, a Hawaiian native, they spend half their time in Petaluma and half on their organic coffee farm near Kona. Greg approached us earlier this year about buying his green coffee and selling it through Petaluma Coffee and Tea, and we jumped at the opportunity.

Greg and Kelley’s farm is small by Hawaiian coffee plantation standards, but that is how they like it. They have 82 coffee trees and grow a menagerie of other organic produce such as citrus, bananas, avocados, figs and vanilla. They named their farm Kaloko Mele, meaning the “song within” and it is their labor of love.

“We farm our land because labor and harvest nurture us,” says Kelley “And to sell our bounty is the true value of our commitment.”

Thanks to Greg and Kelley for sharing a taste of their island life with us here in Petaluma. We are the only coffee shop that sells their coffee and are very pleased to be offering Kona Estate beans from Kaloko Mele Farm.

Tasting Notes:

Kona Estate- Washed
Flavor Profile: Raisin, Hazelnut, Limeade, Vanilla, Butter Cream
Mild Acidity with a lingering finish.
“Kaloko Mele is…Greg and I, our family and the farm.”
“Thank you, Petaluma Coffee for this exciting journey of sharing our Kona Coffee in Petaluma.”